Double russian victory

Sunday 27 January, 2019
The men's relay is finished and it became Russia as both first and second place. The last pallet stand became Norway's.

The fastest part was Russia's team 2, which consisted of Evgenly Belov, Alexander Bessmertnykh, Denis Spitsov and Artem Maltsev. Russian team number 1 came second and the team members were: Andrey Larkov, Alexander Bolshunov, Andrey Melnichenko and Sergey Ustiugov.

The Russians ran at 1:17: 53.2 and 1:18: 14.0 Norway was represented by Hans Christer Holund, Didrik Toenseth, Sjur Roethe and Simen Hegstad Krueger. The Norwegians got the time 1: 18: 29.0

The best of the Swedes were team number 1 and those riders are: Calle Halfvarsson, Daniel Rickardsson, Jens Burman och Viktor Thorn. They ran 1: 22: 03.5.

Photo: Mats Bogren
Text: Sandra Wennergren

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