The most long distance volunteer

Saturday 26 January, 2019
Hello there, Fredrik Birging, radio profile on P4 Västernorrland and who traveled here from Sundsvall, why are you here as a volunteer?

- I was born and raised in Timmele outside Ulricehamn and thought that this is a reason to visit "at home". I became totally wild  when I saw this and introduced me directly. Last time I was also included, ”says Fredrik Birging.

- In addition, I am interested in skiing and I represented Redvägs Skiteam until I was ten and moved from the area. So I might not have notified myself as a volunteer if it had been about another sport.

You should be in the target area again, what do you do there?
- I pick chips from the skiier, make sure that there are only people with permission at the area, lead photographers to the right place. It is an honor to be a volunteer at Worldcupulricehamn.

Till anmälan