Well-known officials

Thursday 10 January, 2019
Here's how this year's edition of the functional clothes looks like! Yellow cap and white-gray jacket with printed logos for sponsors and Worldcup Ulricehamn. The pressure on the back, "Crew", indicates that the person is working as a clerk. Is it something you as a visitor wonder about, before and during the competitions, do not hesitate to contact one of our well-dressed officials!

At Lager 157 in Gällstad outside Ulricehamn, expectant officials queued to get their clothes out. A well-prepared organization meant that nearly 800 office workers could be handed out during one evening.

Some tried them right away and as the picture shows, it is a well-dressed gang that will work during the World Cup weekend! Whoever looks at pictures from the last World Cup event sees that the blue cap is now replaced with a yellow and that the jacket has gray sleeves.

Till anmälan