• Always carry your exhibitor card visible.
  • Smoking and lighting fires are strictly prohibited at the exhibitor area, in and around the food stands and at the stands at the arena.
  • Heating/barbecue with gas is allowed.
  • If you have any type of flammable goods (gas, petrol, etc.) this should be handled according to current regulations. Report the amount and type of goods to us within the world cup organization. Send e-mail to: security manager,
  • Control your escape routes regularly.
  • Make sure you know the location of your closest fire extinguisher.
  • Don’t leave any heating devices without attention.
  • De-connect the electric power and close valves to the gas container when you’re not in your tent.
  • No one can stay overnight in the exhibitor area.

Medical care

Medical care, doctors and nurses, is available Saturday morning (January 26th) until Sunday afternoon (the January 27th). At life threatening injuries and health issues call 112. Then contact the medical team at the arena. Health issues that do not demand emergency care, contact the medical team at the arena. Contact the closest personnel of the World cup for help with alerting medical care by radio.


First save people in immediate danger.

Warn others located close to you.
Shout "Fire!".
Engage more people to save, warn and start evacuating.

Call 112
Give the address: Idrottsgatan 8, Ulricehamn
Contact the closest personnel of the world cup for help with informing the race management

Move towards a safe place.
SAFE PLACE = Towards the closest exit, NOT via the arena area

Remove pressure vessels to a safe place away from the fire (gas, oxygen etc.).

Extinguish the fire if you see its possible. Do not take any unnecessary risks!

Meet the fire brigade 
Show them the way.

Fire equipment are located in all buildings. There is also fire equipment located at food stands, field kitchens and within the wax area outside the exhibition arena, at the stands and at the finish area. 


  • Only gas containers to each unit can be located at the consumptions site.
  • Reduction valves is mandatory on all units.
  • Hose intended for gas with a length less than 1,5 meters should be used.
  • Safety instructions and warning signs should be visible located in each tent.
  • Barbecue/stoves should be placed so that visitors in the tent can’t have access to them. Personell should to be present at all time.
  • The distance between the gas burner och the above placed burnable material (cabinet, shelf, tent canvas) should be at least 0,5 meter (0.6m for patio heater) and sideways at least 0,2 meter.
  • A fire extinguisher and fire blanket need to be at each tent where gas is being used.

Night Storage

  • Gas bottles are stored standing up, steady placed in locked, ventilated locker  that are guarded away from unauthorized people. The locker needs to be correct marked.

Contact information
Safety manager: Johan Lenjesson, 031-760 87 97,

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