Information for you, who has an VIP-area within trackarea.

Asembled, hired tent 
Access for this tent at Thursday morning 24/1 09.00 A.M. Please notice this tent must be left on Friday 25/1 at 16.00 P.M

Asembling, your tent
You may start with setup for your own tent Thursday morning 24/1 at 09.00 A.M. And it must come down before Friday 25/1 16.00 P.M.

Transport of material
Between Thursday 09.00 until Friday 16.00 you can get help to transport your things. Please contact us below if you would like help.

When you leave
You need to pack up you things on Sunday 27/1 at 16.30 P.M. Your area must be clean and emty at Monday 28/1 at 10.00 A.M

Cargo areas
You can find cargo areas within exhibition ground. When you arrive to entrance to Ski arena Lassalyckan please report to parking attendent which company you are coming from and it is about asembling your tent. Please try to use as few cars as possible to ease up for all visitors.

There are public toilets availble in the area. 

Fireplaces and disposable barbeques must be placed at least 5 meters from tents. Same rules with temporary fireplaces. It is importent that no fire or smoke is any near the race tracks or near visitors. It must be respected to not have a fire near then 10 meters from racetracks and also be handled so fire and smoke doesnt reach visitors or racetrack. 

Security tent area
There will be surveillance around tent area från Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. Please do not leave your valuables in tent. 

If you have any questions, please contact us 
Gunnar Antonsson
070-665 55 25

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