Food and beverage

Food & beverage
You will find a wide variety of food and beverages offered throughout the Worldcup arena in Ulricehamn.

Food court – outdoors
Except the food stands along the course and at the stadium, there will be a food court centrally located behind the stands. Three café and restaurants from Ulricehamn will serve lunch. The food companies are Cafe Torgstallet, Bryggan and Restaurang Sture. You can pay by cash, by card or by Swish.

Lounge – indoors with seating 
New for 2019 is our indoor lounge. You can enter here without a ticket and it is open for everyone. You can buy lighter food such as a warm soup with bread, have a coffee, hot chocolate and sodas.

You can sit down while eating your food, warm up your cold feet and rest your legs. In the lounge we also have a bar that serves alcoholic beverages. You pay with card or by cash.

NOTE: You are not allowed to eat your own brought food in the lounge.

Food stand
There are five food stands around the arena and along the course out in the forest. Here you can buy hamburgers, hotdogs, vegetarian alternative, the Swedish pastry semla, coffee, cold beverages and candy. In some of the food stands you will also find soup of the day with bread (gluten free bread is available for hotdogs and hamburgers).

At the food stands in Ryckåsen and Väggen we offer a smaller variety of goods such as hotdogs, chocolate bars, cold beverages and coffee. (Gluten free bread is available for hotdogs).

The company Mårdskog och Lindkvist will make sure that we always have a good supply of food throughout the weekend. We use Härryda Karlsson´s sausage in all our food stands. The Swedish pastry semla is baked by our local partner Gunnars Konditori.

Food for VIP guests
If you have bought a VIP ticket, lunch will be included and served between the races. You will be served a hot meal and dessert. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and lactose free options will be offered.

You can listen to interviews with cross-country legends during the meal.

You need to buy a ticket for this. 

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