Media MEDICAL & HEALTH protection PLAN

Due to Covid-19 situation this plan can be changed.
Latest update 27 January 2021.



Basic rules and obligations

- testing before arrival
- FIS Passport

- testing on site
- test before departure
-exception for persons with previous positive C-19 infection
- test price and payment
- daily questionnarie
- protective masks
- quarantine rules and regulations
- Covid-19 coordinator


Hotels and meals

At the venue


General – Ulricehamn

As a media representative you are obliged to follow this protection plan and take responsibility for your actions during your stay in Ulricehamn.

The number of media will be limited at the venue, we recommend that most of your work to be done at your hotel.

112- Emergencies

Call 112, only in case of emergencies, such as urgent medical conditions, active crimes or fires. Declare arena address: Idrottsgatan 8, Ulricehamn.

1177 Healthcare advise

Call 1177 for non-urgent healthcare issues. Operators will answer your questions about illness or healthcare and provide information where you can find nearest clinic.

Hospital: Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus, Borås, 25 min by car (35 km)

LOC-medical teams: Contact your nearest LOC-official and they will radio the medical team, or call +46 720 710 796, Covid-19 Coordinator. Team on site Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Basic rules and obligations

Each person is responsible and obliged to follow the health guidelines stated below.
Keep distance 

To avoid the risk for queues or gatherings of people, please pay attention to signs and distance markings.

Swedish recommendations are applicable; the most important guideline is to keep distance to other people.

Always follow the instructions of the official volunteers!

Wash your hands 
Stay at home if you feel unwell                  

It is very important to report all symptoms of infection/illness immediately.

Use of protective facemask  

It is not compulsory in Sweden to wear face masks, indoors or outdoors. Except for travel with public transport then it is compulsory between the hours of 07.00-09.00 and 16.00-18.00.

All media must wear face masks, both indoors and outdoors at venue.

You are responsible for bringing own face masks, make sure you know how to use them and use proper hygiene routines before and after use.

Please note that a face mask does NOT replace the requirement to keep distance to other people. Always follow the instructions of the official volunteers!

In case of symptoms

If you get symptoms:

  1. Contact LOC Covid-19 coordinator +46 720 710 796
  2. At venue: Isolation at Test central at room nr 4.
    At hotel: Isolation at hotel
  3. LOC medical group examine and make assessment
  4. FIS -representative is informed
  5. Antigene-test at Test Central
  6. If positive: Quarantine and infection tracing
  7. Decision of further action by LOC Covid-19 coordinator.

Covid-19 testing and accreditation

Testing before arrival
All media must register into FIS Passport. (Read more about FIS Passport)
Foreign citizens Covid-19 tests should be performed before arrival to Ulricehamn, in accordance with FIS Test Protocol, shown in FIS Covid-19 Passport. An approved PCR-test at the latest 72 hours before your arrival. 
Swedish citizens, only test on site in Ulricehamn, see below  "Testing on site at Hälsobrunnen Ulricehamn".


Exception for persons with previous positive C-19 infection.

Every person who can show proof of PCR-test showing a previous Covid-19 infection between 3 months prior and 2 weeks before arrival, as well as 3 days symptoms-free, will be allowed to enter the venue.
Proof must be shown in FIS passport.


Testing on site at Hälsobrunnen Ulricehamn
All media.
Antigen-test. Wait for result, 15-20 minutes.

Swedish citizens: Results given in 1177.
Foreign citizens: Results given in test result document on site (paper).

Each persons responsibility to register test result in to FIS Passport. 
Testcentral address: Hälsobrunnen Ulricehamn

Opening hours:
3/2 Wed: 09.00-11.00
5/2 Fri: 08.00-12.00, 14.00-16.00
Drop in

Test, before departure

Contact: for more information.


 Tests, prices and payment
Antigene-test, 1200 SEK
Payment by invoice, send invoice address to:

at latest, Monday 1 February.


Daily Questionnaire
All media must in FIS Passport daily answer to the Questionnaire that you stay healthy.

Quarantine rules and regulations
If tested positive:

  • Contact LOC Covid-19 coordinator +46 720 710 796
  • LOC Covid-19 coordinator - Decision of tracing and quarantine 
  • Stay in quarantine at hotel or at home
  • Regional Authority: Not tracing foreign citizens
  • Stay in Sweden for at least 7 days after positive test and fever-free for 2 days



It is recommended that members of media should travel to Ulricehamn in their own vehicles for the safest journey. 
Rental cars: Europcar rental service offer

Hotels and meals

  • Keep distance to other people in all areas.
  • Wear face mask in all areas - (check in, hall, lift, corridors, restaurant etc.). Take off only when you are eating and in your own room.
  • In some hotels there may be other guests accommodated - maintain the minimum distance and use facemasks.

At the VENue

Bubbles and colours
  • Red: Teams/SRS
  • Green: Media, journalists and photograhers
  • Dark Grey: TV Media
  • Blue: LOC Volunteers
  • Purple: FIS Service
Media center

Media center at venue have limited numer of places.
Media and TV-media in separate parts of the center.
Face mask always in media center.

Mixed Zones

The Mixed Zone will have double fencing of at least 1,5 meter between athletes and journalists. 0,5 meter distance between mixed zone boxes.
Face mask must always be worn.

Photo Zones

Face mask must always be worn. 
Keep distance.
Photographers to Photo Zones on course will be guided out to the dedicated photo areas. 

TV Cabins

Follow signs and corridors to the finish building, level 2.
Max. 2 persons per cabin.
The cabins are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Other areas

There will be limited other areas outside.



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