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14:22 2021-02-06

Results - women individual final

Maja Dahlqvist wins the individual final. Read more

14:22 2021-02-06

Results - mens individual final

Oskar Svensson wins the individual final. Read more

15:20 2019-01-27

Double russian victory

The men's relay is finished and it became Russia as both first and second place. The last pallet stand became Norway's. Read more

12:30 2019-01-27

Norwegian victory in womenrelay

The Swedes came 37.4 seconds behind and ended up in a second place. Read more

11:40 2019-01-27

World cup food in numbers

On Saturday, 250 semlor and 2,500 portions soup made by the voluntary army. The World Cup not only consists of skiing but also plenty of food. Read more

18:13 2019-01-26

French victory in 15 kilometer freestyle

It was a French first place when Maurice Manificat won the season's first world cup victory. He was in goal after 34.55.4 minutes. "When I woke up this morning, I felt confident and the body was strong," says Manificat. Read more

18:00 2019-01-26

The most long distance volunteer

Hello there, Fredrik Birging, radio profile on P4 Västernorrland and who traveled here from Sundsvall, why are you here as a volunteer? Read more

16:40 2019-01-26

Norwegian victory

The gold and silver went to Norway but the bronze site was tricked by a Swedish - Ebba Andersson. Read more

22:30 2019-01-22

Skifestival and World class hosting!

With a few days left until Lassalyckan and the world cup race are filled with the world's best cross-country skiers, we are fully preparing for you as a visitor to get an unforgettable audience experience with us. The expectation is high from many visitors and our organization has put many valuable hours behind it. We have done it before but we want your expectations to be met this year as well. Read more

16:30 2019-01-21

Two debutants come

During Monday, most countries have presented which skiers are coming to Ulricehamn and the World Cup competitions at Lassalyckan on 26-27 January. We can conclude that Ebba Andersson and Therese Johaug who never competed in the World Cup context in Ulricehamn will start. Read more

17:30 2019-01-16

Main speaker

Now the speaker lineup is ready. Some returning favorites, all experienced in the commentary role. Read more

16:30 2019-01-13

Plan your visit with us

Since it is expected to reach 60,000 visitors during one and the same weekend, and many of them come by car, the World Cup Ulricehamn has been working to make more parking spaces available. This year, like last year, we will be offering parking outside the city center. This time they are free! Read more

08:00 2019-01-12

Teams from 20 nations are registered

20 countries will compete in Worldcupulricehamn on January 26-27. These were published on Friday. Read more

18:13 2019-01-11

The snow is secured to the races

The cold the last few days has meant that the snow cannons on the arena Lassalyckan in Ulricehamn have been in full swing. This means that the entire course of 5km is now secured with snow and will be ready in good time for the World Cup competitions January 26-27. Read more

18:00 2019-01-10

Well-known officials

Here's how this year's edition of the functional clothes looks like! Yellow cap and white-gray jacket with printed logos for sponsors and Worldcup Ulricehamn. The pressure on the back, "Crew", indicates that the person is working as a clerk. Is it something you as a visitor wonder about, before and during the competitions, do not hesitate to contact one of our well-dressed officials! Read more

08:00 2019-01-04

Elevated experience

A prerequisite for it being a good experience for you as a visitor, is that you get as close to the riders as possible and get to feel the pulse when they pass by. Therefore, since the last event, improvements have been made for sound and information in more places in the forest. Read more

17:24 2017-01-21


The first World Cup day in Ulricehamn has come to its end. Today, over 30,000 spectators have visited the arena and cheered on the athletes – fantastic! Read more

16:28 2017-01-21


It was an exciting race when the men preformed 15 km freestyle today. Canadian Alex Harvey was the fastest over the finishing line. Read more

12:20 2017-01-21


The Ladies 10km freestyle race is over. Marit Björgen from Norway stood as the winner six seconds before the Finnish athlete Krista Pärmäkoski, with Charlotte Kalla 25 seconds behind to secure third place. Read more

14:00 2017-01-10

Green light for Ulricehamn

After the positive snow control FIS has given the green light for FIS Cross-Country World Cup in Ulricehamn (SWE). Read more

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